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Medical Flightline is a private Limited Company registered in England in 2006, who carry no advertising and receive no sponsorship. Prior to becoming established we operated as an LLP. Our shareholders are based in the UK and Europe and our directors are all actively engaged in the company.

All invoices are raised after a travel service sale can be invoiced to the NHS or other associated trust, who are sponsoring your medical business trip. As we deal almost exclusively with medical professionals and their sponsors, we have a special arrangement with our owners enabling us to offer extended credit of up to 30 days where necessary. Our quotations will specify your extended credit period within its time span, and includes all taxes and other fees.

For all clients travelling on business, we will offer credit terms to their NHS hospital or trust within the invoice, detailing when the payments must be made – depending on circumstances. It is important to note that the traveller is ultimately responsible for the bill if the sponsor doesn’t pay within our credit terms.

In short we are very flexible with an up-to-date understanding of travel finances. So if you have any financial questions or issues, we can deal with it directly over the phone. Simply call our Head Office on: 020 8289 3583 to enquire about our Visa, passport and paperwork organisation capabilities.

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