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Case Studies

Case StudiesCase Studies

We cannot give details of our previous clients’ actual travel arrangements, but the following is a typical example of how we approach airfares.

Our speciality is manipulating the airfares (and other forms of travel) mainly for medical consultants who travel a great deal, in order to obtain cost savings, whilst offering the flexibility which most of these clients desire. We do this in a variety of ways. The most effective method is looking at clients’ travel itineraries over a year ahead and advising on how combining two or more trips on the same air ticket can make very real savings – of hundreds or thousands of pounds!

Example 1: (quotes are exclusive of tax)

For the journey London/Rome/London followed by London/San Francisco/London (business class sponsored) and London/Madrid/London

Normal calculation:-

London/Rome/London – economy class (restricted) – around £200

London/San Francisco/London (sponsored) – business class, short stay – around £4500

London/Madrid/London – economy class (restricted) – around £200

Total bill £4900.

Our calculation:-

London/Rome one way economy class restricted – around £100

Rome/London/San Francisco/London/Madrid – business class flexible – around £2500

Madrid/London one way economy class restricted – around £100

Total bill £2700 with travel in business class for part of the European journey – for far less money.

Example 2:

London/Istanbul/London followed by London/Tokyo/London (business class sponsored) and potential future European trip not yet decided.

Normal calculation:-

London/Istanbul/London – economy class ( restricted) – around £220.00

London/Tokyo/ London – business class, flexible, short stay – around £5300.00

Total cost : £5560.00

Our calculation:-

London / Istanbul one way economy class restricted – around £130.00

Istanbul/ London/Tokyo/London/Stockholm – business class flexible – around £3100.00

London/Stockholm can be reissued to any other European destination (small fare increase might apply) for any time within 1 month of original travel.

Total cost £3230.00 (business travel on some European sectors). First leg of future trip already included.

We have many clients for whom this sort of combined travel is now commonplace. Any of them would be happy to recommend us. For more detailed examples please contact us for contact permission, as our clients’ details are confidential.

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