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Medical Flightline’s 20+ years in business have given us a deep understanding of the sense of urgency, flexibility and trust required when organising business air travel.

We not only have our finger on the pulse of air travel news updates and financial planning; our services are also available on a 24 hour basis. If you find that airline phones are too busy, or that airport queues are miles long, we are fully capable of helping you save time and hassle.

We also find many professionals seeking air travel arrangements have received misleading, inaccurate and incomplete services in the past. Medical Flightline is here to regain your trust.

Air travel services for medical professionals

When you enlist the air travel services of Medical Flightline, you no longer have to waste time browsing and comparing airline websites and individual flights. We apply our 20 years of expertise in the travel industry to find the best flight for you, after listening to your individual needs. Choosing the right flight tickets and combining prices can often save our clients hundreds or thousands of pounds.

If you are a medical consultant and are required to travel extensively on business, you will look for air tickets that offer value for money and flexibility. We can easily combine air fares for individuals or groups who frequently travel on business, by examining your yearly travel itinerary. This allows us to offer you cheaper combined tickets and/or upgrades to premium or business classes for the same price or less.

Once your air tickets have been finalised, we take care of billing the NHS, associated trust or pharmaceutical company on behalf of our client (although they are ultimately responsible if the sponsor doesn’t pay); leaving you with one less administration issue to deal with on your business trip.

Our main priority is organising high quality travel services for our clients. All air travel sales will be followed by a single payment, with no additional charges or costs along the way. All billings to the NHS or associated trusts will be handled for you by our professional staff, and any reimbursements will be processed quickly. The fee-paying organisation will also be given 30 days credit to make the repayments.

We don’t waste your time.

There are many more air services that you can explore with us. Please call our Head Office on: 020 8289 3583 to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote. You can also email us at

Alternatively, you may wish to email a senior travel consultant directly with your travel enquiry: